Google Wave and 5 Things to Love About It

There is a newcomer in the world of social networking and it is offering thousands of Google users a chance to try it out. This is Google Wave which is created by the Google group who want to transform the face of social networking. With its nifty new features and unique look, Google Wave is starting to make waves with the online community.

Similar to other social networking sites, Google wave will integrate blogging, messaging, email, file sharing, wikis, and an inimitable platform for communications and multimedia for users to use to communicate with each other. Google is currently inviting a selective group of Google users to try out this new platform, but it should be available for general use pretty soon. Here are some things that you can anticipate Google Wave will bring to avid Google users like you:

Accessing Google Apps through One Platform

Google Wave is made up of components developed by Google that have been there for a while already. These include Gmail, blogging, office applications, chatting, and other useful applications that Google users have been using separately depending on their need. Now, Google Wave is one platform that will help you access all from one platform.

Offering a New Level in Communicating

Google Wave is similar to other social networking sites that combine a little of each feature like email, mapping, text, photo sharing and chatting. However, what makes it different is that it will offer all these using a single communications’ stream which will allow users to have more interactive an dynamic dialogues.

The way that you manage your page will be simpler and more user friendly and will allow you to drag and drop contacts, components, files, pictures, and other elements into your Google Wave stream.

Communicating and Working Together in Real Time

Google has a unique functionality that collaborates in real-time, so if you make a comment inline, then your comment will appear along with your profile picture as well as a timestamp that will show you and others when you said that particular comment. Like a wave, as you type in your text, it will appear on the wave as you type while others view it. Wave users will also be able to see the comments and edit that simultaneously in real-time.

A nifty playback feature will let the user play the wave stream again by post. And as it plays back, they too can add their 10 cents and make edits as the wave streams on.

The Wave with a Life of Its Own

The wave stream is basically so interactive and dynamic that it will do everything from notifying all users of modifications and updates, and can easily be searchable for any particular text or content by the user. A Google Wave user can link to other clients and can embed their Google waves through the Google Wave Application Programming Interface within other social networking sites and other web sites.

In the Cloud Access

Google in general has been known for delivering premiere products for in-the-cloud utilization. With Google applications popping up everywhere in the web, Google itself has become a household name in easy internet access, user-friendly interfaces, and lightweight applications. It has quickly made a name for itself in the web which have made Microsoft and Cisco sit up and take notice, and is now entering the social network territory which will surely catch the attention of Twitter and Facebook. Google Wave will basically offer users use of its application like instant messaging and email in one venue, but still let them access the Wave platform from anywhere they are in the world in a smooth and seamless manner.

With Google Wave, Google is entering into a new playing field that sites like Facebook have dominated for the past years. With its current development and testing, Google Wave offers a web users a captivating piece of technology that will definitely be making big boys like Microsoft and Cisco again take notice. So, if you get that Google invite, then dive into the opportunity to find out more about what Google Wave has in store for the future for all of us.

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