Nokia’s Booklet 3G Gamble

nokia-bookletNokia has launched, the first of its kind, Booklet 3G, which in itself is the true netbook PC. This can also be said that this is one in its category as no other full PC has ever had such features. The product will be launched through AT&T and Best Buy. This PC will be set to sale in the market from 22nd of October onwards by the two giants. This could, rather be a risky proposition for Nokia.

The initial release cost of the issue is set to be $599. This is a rather, an astonishing price tag for an unsubsidized product. Without taking any pre occupations in the mind regarding the 3G data capacity, lets take a look at the various specifications of the product.

The PC has an Intel Atom 1.6 GHz chip. The same chips have been in use by the market leader Acer in its product Acer Aspire Ones. It also includes Wi-Fi facilities, 120 GB Hard Disk, 1 GB RAM and a 10.1 inch display. The same specifications are that of the Acer Machine with a price of just $259, unsubsidized.

The specifications it has better than the Acer Notebook is its Bluetooth and Accelerometer facility. Besides, it has Windows 7 as its Operating System whereas the Acer had a Win XP. This implies that an additional $300 has to be paid only for a 3G. Further, we have to have a two years’ monthly subscription of $60 where the user has to sign up. That’s totally not acceptable.

Nokia’s entry can be thought of as a snug to attain the attire of Microsoft. But the main question is Why is Nokia doing this at a stage when Acer and other companies are able to give this benefit for under $300. Moreover, how many of the people will be able to pay this extra $300 along with an even unbearable burden of $2000 in terms of the monthly subscription only for the need of data.

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