Clicker Hands-On: Web Potatoes, You Need This

The internet, today, is the best option to watch TV or see movies. But, the main problem is that it is very time consuming to search out for the relevant show. The most viewed and popular ones never happen to appear over the net. Besides, the ones that are available are very slow and it takes hours for them to buffer. Some over crowded sites such as HULU offer this service, but it is the one I talked about before. So what is the audience intended to do? Should we drop the passion of watching new, popular shows? The answer to this question is NO, because the revolution of internet in here. Clicker provides a programmers’ guide to deal with all such issues.

After an extended beta phase of 58 days, this website has just been launched for the public to experience. The recent reviews say that the site is exquisite and the resources are marvelous to suit the public of all taste. Besides, you can also find some rare documentaries on it such as the “Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award”. The site also provides a free access of more than 400,000 full version shows of over 7000 admired and acclaimed programs, from throughout the world. This information has been portrayed on the blog of the Clicker CEO, Mr. Jim Lanzone. According to him, Clicker can be thought of as a hybrid or a one destination for many different links to entertainment sites such as YouTube. This also is equally emphasized on the information perspective. It has an inbuilt directory, a fast and effective search engine, information encyclopedia Wikipedia, guide to an all through entertainment and a DVR.

Let us have a look at the working of the revolutionary site, Clicker. The site does not expect to become a member before you begin using it. Search options are open for all, but some advanced features are unlocked only when you register at it. The home page of the site has links to new, most popular, latest entries and recommended programs. The search engine also allows you to search the title by entering it in the search tab.

The features are user friendly and convenient. It shows you a list of the free movies and TV shows and also links you to the site that lets you download the movies on payment. If you want to see The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, you just enter the name in search tab and you will be linked to sites such as Amazon VOD. Clicking on the link will direct you to Amazon where you can bay and buy or rent the movie. It is totally inclusive of all data. You can scroll down various sub headings to search for the episode you want. If you have an account on Facebook, you can use the same email ID & password to sign in the Clicker. The best feature it possesses is the customized play list of all the shows, movies, documentaries etc. It is a virtual DVR and if you have missed an episode of your favorite program, you can find it on this play list.  The initial features are impressive and as you go deeper in it, you will come to know better. For now, this comprehensive entertainment package is excellent for those who watch a lot of movies and shows, online.

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