The Best Tech 2009-Nostalgia Stories

There have been many new discoveries and many interesting stories related to PC’s tech inventions in the year 2009. Some of the most interesting inventions and discoveries are given below:

During early days, computers were not in so much use and work was done by humans. However, later, with the advent of Microsoft Windows 95 everything changed. Computers became popular everywhere and Graphic user interface came into existence. Leaving computers behind came the era of laptops and mobile phones. Earlier mobile phones were not handy because of their big size. Before mobile phones, it was land line phones that were in great demand. Personal computers, laptops, mobile phones and other handheld devices have changed the scenario completely. Now, no one buys music CD’s because a search engine Google has made everything very easy.

When one remembers technical advancements made in the past, then this is known as tech nostalgia. The best thing about this tech nostalgia is that one can reminisce to his/ her heart’s content without worrying about branding oneself with an old codger.

Gadget Autopsy: Nintendo Game Boy

Nintendo Game Boy I was the most famous type of video game invented for small children. This was considered as the easiest way by the parents through whom they can keep their kids busy for a long time, especially during long car and plane journeys. It mainly consists of a small green screen, with some switching cartridges that need to be blowed in the system expertly.

Besides this, there were other different classic portable games and similar systems that were invented. Cartridges that were used in these systems mainly contain some coin-size batteries to get their power supply. They also contain SRAM so that they can store the saved games. Since the release of Nintendo Game boy, many high level video games have been released now.

Evolution of Cell/ Mobile Phones

Cell phones are considered as very important part of life these days and one cannot even think of leaving home without them. Today cell phones can perform all the tasks that a normal computer can perform. However, this was not the condition few years back. The scene was completely different at that time. Earlier when the cell phones were invented then they were very big, and bulky almost brick size. However, now time has changed completely. Mobile phones have been converted from brick size to very sleek size iPhone. At the time when these mobile phones were introduced, they were very costly and therefore, were not popular. However, now, there have been a massive reduction in the price of the cell phones due to their increase in demand. The main reason for their popularity is that they are not just limited to making calls like the land lines. They can perform various different other types of functions. They are also seen as the source of entertainment because no one can also listen to music and watch videos on them anytime.

The Mac Portable now Turns 20

Mac portable was introduced by Apple. When it was introduced it was not popular, mainly because of its high cost and heavy built. Mac portable is seen as the predecessor to the very famous Power book 100 that is considered as the real Mac notebook. Mac portable weighs around 16-pound and is therefore, considered as the first mobile Mac. It is seen as the ancestor to the Mac Book Pro that is enhanced version of Mac Portable. It is very sleek and highly stylish. When Mac Portable was introduced, it featured a monochrome screen of 10-inches and was about four times thicker as compared to the Mac Book Pro. Mac portable also includes a battery backup of 9-volt that means that the Mac Portable never shuts down truly. Besides this, it also contains a reconfigurable keyboard with a trackball set.

Worst Video Games of All Time

When it comes to video game’s systems then everybody thinks about very famous Nintendo Famicom, Sony Playstation and the Super NES. However, there were many other video game systems that were introduced but nobody remembers them. This is because they failed in the market. Some of the worst video games were the Apple Pippin, the Mattel Hyper scans and the Nokia N-Gage. Nobody has good memories with these video games. There were many reasons for their failure like some of them were overpriced, others have confused and irrelevant multitasking type of console and many among them were underpowered.

Computer gift guide of Ye Olde Vintage

Computer gift guide of vintage computers was introduced at the time of Christmas to offer best deals to the smart shoppers. This was a kind of the net book that was introduced so that people can buy complete computer systems under $100. The main task of the Ye Olde Vintage Computers was to go through many different types of classical computer systems and then to provide the details of the deals that were found. With the help of this computer gift guide, it was possible and very easy to find a working IBM PC for $100. Besides this one can also find a working Macintosh along with mouse, power cable and keyboard for $20.

What was inside Atari 800?

Atari 800 was considered as a mystery by many computer users. The Atari 800 was originally launched around 40 years ago in the market with a heavy price tag. At the time of its launch it costs around $1000. There were many interesting features of this system like it came up with 8 kilobytes of the RAM. When Atari 800 was launched in the market it created a buzz all over and there were many computer programmers who were seen learning BASIC language. Atari 800 was considered best to play games like Super Breakout or M.U.L.E. when the gadget autopsy was carried out for this machine then it was found out that encasing of Atari 800 mainly includes a shield for radio frequency that is around 2mm-thick. This shield was necessary to protect the Atari 800 from the undesirable radio interference.

Most famous and Important Laptops of Mac

Though Mac Portable has turned 20 and is the oldest among all the products of Mac but still it cannot be considered as the most important among various Mac laptops that are available in the market. After the release of Mac Portable, Apple has released many other products that are more important than the Mac Portable like the PowerBook 100 and the Mac Book Pro. Besides this, there have been three most influential laptops of Mac called the Mac PowerBook 520, the Power book G4, and the iBook. There has been no variation in the price tags of various laptops produced by apple. For instance, the Mac Portable is sold for same price of $6500 and Power book 100 is still sold with the price tag of $2500.

Most Influential Microprocessors

From past many years microprocessors have been playing a huge role in everyday life of people. It does not matter how they are used, and what it is their size because one can find them in all the daily use items like cell phones, computers, calculators, digital cameras, etc. They have created an era of the portable items. There have been many influential microprocessors launched like the Intel Pentium, the RCA COSMIC CDP, and the Intel 4004. Intel Pentium is found in almost all the personal computers and is responsible for reducing the size of computers. RCA COSMIC CDP was the microprocessor that was used for the first time in space. Intel 4004 is the only microprocessor that is used in modern calculators.

Forgotten products of Apple

Apple has manufactured various famous tech products like iMac, iTunes, iBook, iPod, iEtc, iPhone, etc. all these products are well known to everybody but besides this there have been many other products that were introduced by Apple but were not very successful. These forgotten products by apple were Quick Take 100, Adjustable keyboard, Network Server. Quick Take 100 was a kind of the digital camera but due to some reasons it was not able to hit the market with a bang.

Computer Products that can never die.

There are many computer products that can never die no matter how old they are. Among these products, the most famous is Sony Mini Disc player. The main features of this mini disc player are: one can record music off with the help of subscription services like Rhapsody. Though now iPods have taken up the market from these mini disc players, but they are still very popular and no one can forget them. It has been seeing that most of the products of old computers never die. This is mainly because of the obsessive fans.

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