5 Easy Steps For Google Buzz Users

Got Google Buzz? If you have just got on this latest social networking craze, here are user tips that will help power your way into Google’s newest venture. Learn about jazzed up text, sending buzzes to friends, and controlling inbox notifications in five easy steps.

1- Spice up your text

With Google Buzz, you can spice it up. Just use asterisks on both ends of your word or sentence for *bold text*, or use underscores at each end to _italicize_, or place a dash at each end to get the strikethrough effect, or two hyphens side–by–side for an em—dash.

2 – Send buzz via e-mail

Can’t get into a Web browser? Buzz your friends by e-mail using any desktop e-mail client. Simply address it to: buzz@gmail.com, and send photos or text using the Gmail account that displays your Buzz activity. It will even automatically send your photos. But this works only when using Gmail accounts where you receive Google Buzz notifications. It does not work with any other account. For more information, go to Gmail help pages.

3 – Take out buzz notifications

You will get Google Buzz notifications when someone keys in a comment on your buzz, or when another user comments on a buzz, which you have commented on as well, or when you are tagged by someone through the @reply system. To avoid flooding your inbox, simply remove Buzz notifications from your Inbox.

4 – Use labels to filter buzzes

Use labels if you have Multiple Inboxes. Just create “My Buzzes” and “Buzzes” labels through “Manage labels” of your Inbox, where you can click on “Create a new label,” and then, create “My Buzzes” and “Buzzes” one at a time.

Filter your buzzes through the “Create a filter” button at the top of the Inbox. Type in your name in the “From” section and “label:buzz” in the “Has the words” boxes. Then, click on “Next step.” If a pop-up warning comes out, ignore this and click “OK.” Follow this by clicking “Apply the label,” where you can select “My Buzzes,” and the Buzz notification to activate. To view your buzzes when clicking “All mail” in your Gmail page, activate “Skip the inbox.” Finally, simply choose “Also apply filter to…” and end by clicking on “Create filter.”

Filter buzzes by others by simply activating the “Create a filter” in your Inbox. When you see the “From” section, type your name with a minus sign (-) on the front. Once done, just click on the image and follow the steps. What is different here is the label “Buzzes” on the menu.

5 – Organize multiple inboxes

Do not let your Inbox get swamped by buzzes. Gmail now allows you to organize messages by type of people, groups or messages like buzzes. Simply add two kinds of inboxes to your Gmail homepage that separates buzzes created by others to yours. Label these “Buzzes By Others” and “My Buzzes,” respectively.

To do this, simply click on Gmail labs (that little green beaker on top of the homepage) then enable Multiple Inboxes and press “save changes.” When you are back at the Inbox, activate “Settings” and go to “Multiple Inboxes.” There, you will type “is:My Buzzes” in “Pane 0” and “My Buzzes” in “Panel title (optional),” and then, type “is:Buzzes” in “Pane 1” and “Buzzes” in “Panel Title (optional).” You can then choose from the optional settings like number of conversations that show in each inbox at once and the location of inboxes. Then, click on “save changes.”

Enjoy Google Buzz!

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