Empower Your Valued Printer With Diverse Utilities

Perk up your output, save paper and ink, and augment your ingenious projects with these certain printing-focused solutions. Generally, and unfortunately, the professionals do not pay much importance to the printing devices. But the printers can really be a winning partner in obtaining clever business solutions. This machine has a lot of facets and power to improve the overall output of creative businesses.

Following is a list of ten printer solutions in the form of different downloadable utilities and tools. These electronic contrivances can lessen consumption of ink and paper, print out DVD and CD labels, produce posters, and create business cards … and even that is  just the auspicious beginning. So, these affordably priced apps and utilities must be scrutinized. They are perchance the best tools that would unlock the printer’s real potential.

Be Friendly To The Environment By Saving Ink And Paper

If more ink and paper are spent than actually required to execute the print jobs, a business invites the following problems:

1. Manufacture of paper involves deforestation and color cartridges are chemical products. Wastage of these items would cause an environmental hazard.

2. Save costs of print job overheads by avoiding unnecessary print tasks.

But often there are issues that involve the technical tit bits like those of print queue congestion and repeated print commands. In a hardcore production setting, these technical issues are bound to come up. Next is a listing of certain appropriate print solutions in this context:

The Promising Bullzip PDF Printer

Bullzip PDF Printer

The best way to save paper, one may consider the possibility of discarding all print jobs in random. Of course, this sounds ridiculous for a while. But if the documents are turned into PDF Files and subsequently archived electronically, not only funds would be saved but also filing and retrieval of the documents would become much easier.

Bullzip PDF Printer can do a splendid job of converting anything that can be printed into Portable Document Format. It installs in the form of a printer driver. To generate a PDF File of a document, choose the Bullzip PDF Printer instead of the normal printer in the Print dialog box in any application.

The utility would offer abundance of options. For example, one can put in a watermark to a given file, merge numerous documents into a single PDF form, protect a file by password implementations, and decide the quality levels. The PDF is finally adaptive with the visual display, or can be adjusted inside a printer output, an e-book, or even a prepress output at the professional level. Moreover, the utility can also convert the document into other formats of image files, such as .bmp, .jpg, etc.

The Bullzip PDF Printer is, in point of fact, a front end interface for the public-domain driver applications like Ghostscript PostScript and PDF Printer Drivers. Once Internet connection is available, this utility auto- installs the Ghostscript PostScript and PDF Printer Drivers.

Trial version of this fabulous utility is available for free at the open-source. Download Bullzip PDF Printer here!

Winning Options With FinePrint


Here is indeed a grand way to put aside paper and increase control on anything that is to be printed. FinePrint would allow the user to print two, four, or eight page shots on a single paper sheet, and also to print on both the sides of the pages inserted. It can be used to generate booklets and other forms of stationaries. It can combine several projects inside a single print job schedule. Moreover, it is a driver utility and hence simpler to utilize.

FinePrint would further help the user to get rid of “ink-and-paper-wasting” graphics that might creep in along with an important Web page (or similar other documents) before the print job is executed in real time. In addition, in case a Color Printer has been deployed, the user can conserve the costly color ink with the help of grey-scale customizability of the FinePrint. Before printing the document, it would preview the jobs and let the user erase complete pages and sections they consider unnecessary or supernumerary. Watermarks can also be printed on final print output.

The utility is priced at fifty dollars and the trial version is free. Download FinePrint here!

GreenPrint World Can Cause A Change

GreenPrint World

As the name of this utility itself defines, it is designed to function in an eco-friendly way. In the days of global warming, the challenge to reduce the green house gases in the environment is grave. The governments all over the world are trying to resolve the issue sincerely, and the contemporary environmentalists and economists have come up with certain solutions. One of them is the promising solution of granting carbon credits. In the future, it is highly possible that corporate level credits are formulated by the government for the firms that account for less carbon emission. At the industry level profuse printing operations, printer solutions can play a significant role in cutting down the emissions, and GreenPrint promises the same. By a qualitative analysis of the projects and subsequent quantitative implementations, the printer driver can do a lot of things.

The utility, when chosen for a print job, intelligently selects and deselects customizable portions of the items to be printed. It cleverly designs conversion schemes for PDF archiving of the documents. This saves valuable paper and ink conserving the treasures of environment. Also, if the user is online, there may be pop-ups of ads from the software firm’s server. The ads are on social, ecological, and technical topics, so the user can learn from them.

The product is available for free, and it is designed in 32-bit and 64-bit mode compatible versions. Download GreenPrint World here!

Print Job Oriented Business Tools

A computer job that is business oriented requires high frequency of repeated actions and gradual simplification in the long run. So when a user is seeking to exploit the benefits of improvised printing methods for production purpose, new options should always be explored. Also, printing out the items like bar codes, labels, business cards, product covers, etc. can be made easy with the advanced printer utilities. A cohort of such sort of utilities is available as the listing follows:

Microsoft Office Adaptable Avery Wizard

Avery Wizard

Avery can make a label, name badge, business card, CD or jewel-case inserter, covering, etc. It is readily adjustable with the host of products in the realm of office paper ad documentation. Users must try to print to an item rather than hand-writing things in several trials. Avery Wizard orchestrates with Microsoft Office and solves the problems of multiple and repetitive writing tasks neatly. It would run as a form of add-in inside the MS Office environment, permitting the user to print Avery’s labels from within the MS Word application itself.

Click on the button that would call the Avery Wizard, the wizard would walk the users all through almost whatever task they would want to execute. It gets the user proper pre-designed templates, and at that very point the user has to enter only what is to be printed. This lessens the possibilities of frustrating down time during the course of production. The wizard would help the user to perform many other tasks too, like importing information, lists, etc. from Office applications like Excel and populate the mailing labels. Somebody can also add their own logo, graphics, pictures, etc.

The user must register at the website of Avery in order to obtain a free download. Next, she or he would require going through the .chm files and readme.doc to understand its implementation properly. One would have to use the Macro tool of the MS Word application in order to call and execute this wizard in the run-time. Download Avery Wizard here!

Simplify Industrial Printing With Barcode Generator & Overprinter

Barcode Generator & Overprinter

Now one can find some nice tools in the market that would cater to the barcode solutions of small businesses. Somebody may call for different barcode designs, schemes, etc. even in a tiny business firm. In the sphere of today’s business credibility, the barcode implementation and generation have become crucial indeed.

The Barcode Generator & Overprinter would free the entrepreneur from installing special hardware to print the codes. Just input the data, define the barcode variety, export the output to graphic format, and import the spreadsheet data easily. The technician will really take pleasure in rapid manipulation. The material can be printed on paper, and the user interface of the software is smooth.

One can try it out at a reasonable price of fifty dollars and limited trial versions are available for free. Download Barcode Generator & Overprinter here!

Belltech Business Card Designer Pro

Belltech Business Card Designer Pro

Having a business card planned, designed, and printed via professional consultants might be expensive … and unnecessary too. Instead, the user can effortlessly design customized cards, thanks to Belltech Business Card Designer Pro.

The user can just enter the data and information that are to be printed, and this software would handle the rest. In case the customer is satisfied with the default design, business cards can be created even within minutes. Customizing the business card is easy after the user chooses the size of the card size, print orientation, color scheme, and insertion of images and texts. The software would offer you tools with the help of which somebody can design customized background setting, improvised graphics, patterns, etc. Moreover, the saving options of the card templates allow conversions to graphic formats and PDF Files. This allows the user preserve and print the material when and where required. Belltech Business Card Designer Pro would cost thirty dollars along with a free trial option. Download Belltech Business Card Designer Pro here!

Functional Printing Of Labels, Posters, Covers, Etc

If the user wants to print DVD or CD labels, magazine covers, posters, etc., there are certain printer solutions in the market that can help aplenty. Following is an auspicious utilities’ listing:

Celebrate With Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker

Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker

Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker

If the user wants to make jewel-case covers, labels, disc sleeves, etc. the Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker application can be a profiting option. It has everything that somebody would need for generating labels, covers, etc. Internet synchronization is a promising option that the software would provide for added uses.

Using this application from Acoustica is quite easy. Somebody can pick from the list of the available backgrounds and designs, add information regarding the CD/DVD, and if they want to keep the things in a simple format, the job is done.

Perhaps the most practical feature of the software is its capability of populating the label of an Audio CD with relevant track information. Furthermore, the Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker would play lists and further improve the track list.

This application can support different kinds of labels, inserts, etc., so it doesn’t matter what the user might need to get in customized print form. This package is priced at twenty two dollars, and it also offers a free download for trial. Download Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker here!

The Helpful Karen’s Directory Printer Application

Karen’s Directory Printer

One of the key drawbacks of MS Windows Operating Systems is that the directory services have not been sufficiently upgraded to the modern standards. This is often a point of trouble in case the user is a non technical one. The busy executives at large need robust directory services. But every individual is unique and so customization options should be there aplenty. In order to customize the directory services of Windows, which is mainly considered to be the program explorer.exe, the user will have to work out the registry keys properly. This is an expert level thing to do, and one would have to handle a very complicated scheme of nomenclature.

The Karen’s Directory Printer is at the rescue of the user at last. The software would not just provide printability of the folders, files, file and folder lists, but cater to the processes of organizing and reorganizing them intelligently too. The workload can thus be lowered to a considerable level when somebody seeks to have a print out of the directory trees of a complicated file system or partition arrangement.

This customizable and simple form of utility software is really adorable as it can be downloaded from reliable sources for free. The utility helps the user to track and remember the locations of the files and folders in an improved way unarguably. Download Karen’s Directory Printer here!

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