New Faronics Data Igloo Standard is now available

Faronics Data Igloo Standard v1.2 is now available! Along with other improvements, new features in this version are:

1. New Profile Redirection:

Automatically redirect a new profile to a ThawSpace (or partition) on a Frozen or Thawed machine.

2. Registry Key Redirection:

Redirect changes occurring in selected registry keys to a Thaw Space.

When Deep Freeze status is Thawed, the changes to the registry keys saved on the ThawSpace are automatically restored to the registry.

3. This is no longer an expiring beta — there is no expiry date.



Download Faronics Data Igloo Standard here!


Q: Is Faronics planning to charge for Data Igloo Standard?

A: Faronics currently has no plans to charge for Data Igloo Standard.

Q: What happens to clients who are currently using the beta version?

A: Clients using v1.2 can simply upgrade to this latest version (it will no longer expire).

Q: How is “New Profile Redirection” different from “Profile Redirection”?

A: Profile Redirection allows the Administrator to redirect EXISTING profiles to a ThawSpace. New Profile Redirection will automatically redirect NEW profiles to the selected ThawSpace. These are profiles that are new to the machine (not brand new profiles created on a Frozen machine).

Example: Let’s say we have a laptop sign-out program. Previously, we had to Thaw the machine and ask the student to login so their profile can stick. Now, when the student logs in for the first time on the computer, his/her profile will be automatically created and redirected to the ThawSpace!

Q: What is Registry Key Redirection? Sounds advanced.

A: It is very advanced. This is for those applications that tend to make changes to the registry when the machine is Frozen. The Administrator has to know what they are doing — Faronics does not guarantee that redirecting any specific registry keys will necessarily make a third-party product function perfectly with Deep Freeze.

Q: Which Registry Keys can Data Igloo redirect?

A: We redirect HKLM registry keys. We do not allow redirection of the HKLM root node, HKLM\Software\Faronics\Deep Freeze 6, HKLM\Software\Faronics\DataIgloo. We warn users when they select HKLM\System and HKLM\Hardware.

Q: Is there a service that keeps track of all this?

A: Yes, it is called “Faronics Data Igloo Service” in the Windows services control manager.

Q: Will there be an Enterprise solution of Data Igloo one day?

A: There are currently no plans for an Enterprise version of Data Igloo, but it will be investigated.

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