Windows Phone 7 Series: Microsoft’s New Mantra For Success

Microsoft unveiled the complete details of the operating system of the Windows Phone 7 Series at MIX conference held in Las Vegas. MIX conference was a three day conference for developers and the web designers, who are constructing the innovative web sites around the globe. In January 2010, there are about 42.7 million people using smartphones in United States. Microsoft has lost its market share from 19.7% in 2009 (October) to 15.7% in 2010 (January), which is about 4% in three months. Blackberry software from Research in Motion, remained the market leader in that period with a market share of 43%, an increase of 1.7%. Followed by Apple’s smartphone, iPhone, with a market share of 25.1%, growing at a rate of a rate of 0.3% between October 2009 and January 2010. Considering the market conditions, it is very crucial for Microsoft to transform the environment of mobile development.  Microsoft is facing the following challenges as stated in the sessions conducted by MIX Windows Phone.

Platform Of Windows Phone 7 Smartphone

Windows Phone 7 Series stands to be a successor to Microsoft’s line of Windows mobile phone operating systems. The latest version of windows phone 7 is based on Windows CE 6 kernel, e.g. Zune HD, as compared to the existing versions of the Windows Mobile which are upon Windows CE 5. The company announced a new OS in Mobile World Congress 2010, which created a lot of enthusiasm and argument. There are a lot of illustrated and fundamental dissimilarities in its operating system, including a totally and completely changed user interface, more importance upon finger-based touch screen input, fully branded Xbox,  deep social networking incorporation, and Zune components, and the exceptionally severe hardware requirements for partners. Few familiar touchstones in the past consist of plans for Office and Outlook support, and also offering licenses to a large diversity of the third party hardware sellers.

Windows 7 phone

Windows 7 phone

Despite of it being a fundamentally novel phone UI, software engineers are likely to be more dependent on well-known Microsoft technologies and tools for jotting the functions that use it, including Microsoft Expression Blend 3, .NET and Silverlight, betting improvement environment XNA Game Studio. The Windows Phone 7 Smartphone includes a brand new model of application, new Web services, new models of input (including multi-touch) and APIs to access phone applications and features. The company currently renamed it ” Windows Phone Classic”  from “Windows Mobile” and has established that present mobile applications cannot be docked to the Windows Phone 7. It is a bad news for a number of developers. As by reducing backward compatibility one has on the whole destroyed Windows Mobile. Moreover, the new podium would be also very distant to endeavor and it has a long way to go when it comes to consumer and developer acceptance, one has on the whole killed the company’s mobility aspiration. Giving a lot of the focus on Microsoft technologies and tools, one other matter is to which extent Windows Phone 7 podium would be to the other outside technologies and tools. Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system is a basic and important exit from the past.

Silverlight: A Revolutionary Web-Based Application

Silverlight from Microsoft is a web based application that offers functionalities in a single runtime environment. It gives rich and high performance intercommunicating applications for web. It  is projected as a major development atmosphere for the Windows Phone 7 Smartphone, almost six MIX sessions are dedicated to these (additional MIX sessions encompasses Silverlight 4, revealed in November 2009 and had to be shipped by the June 2010).The The Mobile developers would be able to get a lot of latest information on the latest input models, as well as multi-touch and soft keyboard, the APIs to build on applications e.g. such as phone dialer and the email. Also, Silverlight application necessities, as well as support for the major media releases. The company has released a suite of various software technologies and tools for international developers it is free, they can write games and applications for the Windows Phone 7 series of the mobile devices which were supposed to go to the market for sale at the end of this year. This gesture to speed up application development shows a worldwide trend, of ever increasing and developing mobile data consumption. As the mobile data use becomes persistent, the current market for the application software is increasing quickly. Applications sales are predicted to be more than $17.5 billion till the year 2012. A lot of software and phone companies are giving an opportunity by opening their online marketplace to the application developers. Microsoft would be revealing the new model of Windows Phone application along with new Windows Phone Web services, all components of empowering Silverlight for mobile applications. Web developers will get a better interoperability and integration using Silverlight content on a personal computer using Microsoft operating systems through promising web services offered by the company and its associates.

Mobile Games And Its Effect On The Business Users

Windows Phone 7 Smartphone will give a user-focused experience which will be flexible enough to support their requirements. Microsoft disclosed XNA Game Studio 4, which will develop games for the Windows new smartphone, which will be incorporated in Xbox Live which Microsoft’s gaming environment available online. XNA is the “managed code” platform, which helps the developer to create the applications quickly, thereby making them more efficient. The two capabilities introduced by Microsoft are XNA, which Microsoft refers the “managed code” and adapting the existing applications. Companies will not deploy games in enterprise applications.

A User-Friendly Revolutionary Approach

Microsoft will be using a revolutionary approach in distributing and monetizing the Windows Phone 7 Smartphone applications which includes games. The phone users can download and buy the applications online. Microsoft is also focusing on improving the capability to download heavy applications to storage card of the phone, navigating, and finding the applications, and finally reducing the developer costs. Hence, this phone has drastically changed the way the mobile phone users used to use mobile phones earlier. It has certainly introduced a sort of revolution in the crowd of different mobile phones that are on the show.

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