Scope Of .NET Technology On Red Hat Fedora Platform

We already know that the application developers love the Linux applications because of the open source availability of these system software utilities. The open source cohort of software products is really incomplete without including the various exciting flavors of Linux OS. The most celebrated Linux flavor in the organized product line of this software is the Red Hat Fedora. The Red Hat certifications that come in this segment are honored worldwide. The system engineering in this field involves direct shell scripting that cannot be done without a robust understanding of the basic programming concepts. The interface of the Fedora platform is frequently customizable and changeable. Also, the programming involved in the administration of this operating system does not depend on any exclusive and specific programming language. Unlike Microsoft Windows, which allows only the VBScript applications to be run at this level, Red Hat Fedora is highly customizable with a variety of different programming languages. This ability of this system software puts it ahead in the security concerns of client server architecture. Being specifically tailored in each organization, the hackers are unable to write malicious codes for every individual edition of the system software and hence it cannot be easily hacked. But issues like piracy and hacking has always plagued the Microsoft products.

Therefore, Red Hat wants to move towards a wider integration now. A new edition has been designed to cater with the modern and mighty .NET technologies too.

The Linux distributor Red Hat has an open-source license under. NET implementation Mono in the development branch of Fedora Core included. Mono is, in fact, an implementation of .NET at the open source levels, which has been sponsored by Novell. As early as in 2006, the second test version of the planned Fedora Core 5 edition was empowered with Mono. On this adaptation of Fedora, the contemporary versions of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux are being developed and unleashed. This is indicative of a distributed Mono compatibility of the future generations of these system software programs.

Previously, because of possible patent claims by Microsoft, the Mono adaptability was missing in the Red Hat sponsored Linux distribution, Fedora Core, and its commercial variant of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. In addition, the major Red Hat developers like Havoc Pennington and Seth Nickell vociferously cautioned about the dangers of Mono and questioned on its integration in the distributions of Red Hat declined. This happened on several occasions in the recent past. Also, the Mono project is exposed to the dangers by patents to some extent and a detailed scrutiny of the situation is wanted yet. In such circumstances, exclusion of the sanctioned part of .NET probably adds safety to the contemporary Linux product line. But the technology has to be implemented on the APIs such as Mono, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, and Windows Forms to ensure added functionality of the Fedora Core. Interoperability with the Windows Applications is really critical.

Today, the Mono Project runs successfully, and apparently it is undisturbed by Microsoft. Therefore, many programmers use the application development that is now on Mono. Some of the popular programs for the GNOME desktop, Beagle, F-Spot, or Tomboy have also been integrated to the Red Hat Fedora Core.

Software development has thus got rather a lot simpler. The ISV and corporate developers can execute the .NET applications compatible with Windows on the Linux servers too. Also, they can now host ASP.NET AJAX, ASP.NET MVC, along with ASP.NET 2.0 enabled apps on the powerful Apache web servers. This has resulted into an improved interoperability between the .NET applications and Java (and also other legacy UNIX/Linux applications).

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