The Best Programs For Working With Partitions

At current volumes of hard disks users often prefer to split their HDD on the partitions. Also if you use multiple operating systems it is good to have for each one its own partition.

Distribution, merging, changing the size and other operations related to the partitions will affect a lot of computers. This operation affects the work with the data on your computer and by using an inappropriate product can cause you a lost. And for that reason, many of users prefer a professional and paid products they guarantee the safety and security.

Acronis Disk Director Suite

Products from Acronis deals with (not only) an issue of the hard disk partitioning and managing. They are popular among the users just due to its reliability, security and stability.

Acronis Disk Director Suite merged together some of previous products, which are now accessible through one single user interface:  Partition Expert supports creating, distributing, copying, etc. sections, OS Selector supports better managing multiple operating systems on your computer, Recovery Expert for recovering lost or deleted partitions, and Disk Editor for repairing and optimizing your hard disk.

Download Acronis Disk Director Suite 10 here!

GParted Live

GParted is an open source project for creating, editing and other work with partitions. It manages the copying, resizing, checking, naming, etc. This version is on LiveCD – which you will boot from.  It is basically a miniature sort of Linux that will run the program.  This application can be used at all operating systems.

Download GParted Live here!

Paragon Hard Disk Manager

A complete package designed to work with hard drives. Allows the partitioning, backup and restore of them, optimization and defragmentation, boot settings and restoring the system. All features are accessible through user-friendly and simple interface. The program costs almost $ 50.

Download Paragon Hard Disk Manager here!

Partition Wizard Home Edition

Another one of partition managers.  It can be used free of charge. This one is only for domestic (non-commercial) use. The application can resize partitions, copy, and of course can create and delete them. It can also make recovery in case of data loss or partition damage. The program supports Windows 2000 and higher in 32 and 64 bit versions. We can describe it as a reliable and trouble-free program running on all systems.

Download Partition Wizard Home Edition here!

DriveImage XML

Excellent program for whole disk backup (or its parts) into the image in XML format. Created images can be browsed by the DriveImage to view their contents. The program includes a simple task manager that can automatically backup selected parts.

Download DriveImage XML here!

Partition Magic

Well-known tool for creating, resizing, combining, formatting, conversion and common work with partitions on your hard disk. Program offers a graphic representation of all HDD sections so it is easy even for beginners. In case you use multiple operating systems on individual disk drives Partition Magic will allow you to switch between the systems.

By using Partition Magic you can easily search, copy and transfer files and folders between Windows and Linux partitions. The program also supports external devices connected through the USB and FireWire.

Download Partition Magic here!

Image for Windows

At the very end we can make reference to one well-known utility for partition backup. It can create a snapshot of the current partition status and can save it anywhere on the computer or network. At the beginning the program will offer a simple guide. An interesting feature is an RAID support. The program is available for Linux and DOS.

Download Image for Windows here!

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