Turn Your Pictures Into Drawings

Fotosketcher and its free version will help you to turn the pictures into drawings. It also offers some features for adjusting the source and final image. FotoSketcher is one of the best tools for transforming images into the drawings, respectively art sketches.


The advantage is ease of use. After downloading the program (also available as a portable version you just run without installation) is offered one image model and its variant in the form of drawing.


of the program itself is minimalist. We can find here the main menu, the toolbar and a pair of preview windows and status bar. In left window we can see or manipulate with the source image (photo), and on the right side we can see the final drawing after conversion.


The first step is to open the source image. Program supports: BMP, JPEG / JPG and PNG formats.

Modifying the source image

Source image can be additionally modified, including of contrast, brightness, and sharpness adjustments. Changes can be reset to original parameters.

There are many of parameters they can be applied to the image. We can choose a range of drawing styles, adjust the contrast, we can insert a text, change the text color and font type, and we can apply simple effects, including the shadow.

Text can be entered additionally

Text is the one of the basic functions of the program and can be used anytime.


If we are satisfied with the result; there is no problem to print the drawing on the default printer.

If we use PDF converter as a virtual printer, it is possible to create a PDF file of your new drawing.

Drawing can be saved as JPEG or BMP image, and we can use it as wallpaper on our desktop we can copy it to a clipboard (and paste in the program where you wish to place the drawing).

Mass conversion

Program can work with multiple images simultaneously, due to built-in batch conversion module.

Download Fotosketcher here!

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  • Renzo Borg Grech

    Have started experimenting with Fotosketcher.I must admit it’s a beautiful program for presentation.

    However, can I turn a Sketchup model into a Fotosketcher rendered scene ?


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