Importance Of Understanding Architecture Of Computer Software

The software is considered as the intangible components of the computer that can not be touched. They are used to perform many different tasks and have applications in wide areas. These days, main application of the software can be seen in terms of the websites. Websites can be seen as a kind of Software that includes different forms as well as roles that can store data digitally irrespective of the fact that whether the data is used as interpreter, code for CPU, or is used to represent the information. Website is a kind of software that encompasses a large array of the products that can be developed with the help of different techniques like ordinary programming languages, micro code, scripting languages, or FPGA configuration.

This software include all the web pages that can be developed in the languages or frameworks like PHP, HTML, Perl, XML, JSP, ASP.NET, and desktop applications like Microsoft Word, or Open Office developed in the languages like C, C#, C++, Java, or Smalltalk.

Most of the Application software runs on some underlying software that is operating system like Linux, Solaris or Microsoft Windows. Software can also be used in the video games and to configurable parts of logical systems of televisions, automobiles, and other electronic items.

To understand the software well it is important to understand the architecture of software also. It has been noticed that the Users usually see things in a different manner as compared to the programmers. According to the People who make use of the modern and general purpose computers in comparison to the embedded systems, super computers and analogy computers usually see that there are three main layers of the software that are responsible for performing variety of the tasks. These layers are: platform, an application, and the user software.

  • Platform software: Platform software generally includes firmware, an operating system, device drivers, and graphical user interface. All these components make it easy for the user to have interaction with the computer as well as its peripherals. The platform software usually comes bundled with a computer. On the normal desktop PCs a user is provided with the ability to change platform software.
  • Application software: the Application software is usually referred to as an Application. According to most of the people this is treated as another kind of the software. Typical examples of the application software are office suites, video games, and other programs. Application software can also be purchased separately from the computer hardware. Most of the times, applications comes bundled with personal computers, but this cannot change fact that the application software run separately as a kind of the independent applications. The Application software can be defined as an independent program for the operating system, and are tailored to work on the specific platforms only.
  • User written software: these are mainly that software that is written by the End-users to tailor some specific needs of the user. Examples of the User software mainly include spreadsheet and their templates, word processors, email filters and other software. This type of software is mainly created by the Users themselves. It is very important to take care of the fact that the user developed software integrates well with the default application packages.

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