Likno Software’s AllWebMenus 5

Bloggers, programmers and web developers will love Likno Software’s latest version of its menu-ing application –  AllWebMenus 5. Anyone, regardless of their experience in JavaScript, HTML and CSS can benefit from this easy-to-use, but highly featured package. As most bloggers and their readers know, the quickest way of finding out what a website is able to deliver is through the menu. If a website does not have a centralized way of making its readers choose what to read, then five seconds later, the reader has left to go to another site.

What makes AllWebMenus 5 a compelling buy for those who want to deliver a richer web browsing experience?

For the developer, AllWebMenus 5 also means ease-of-use in creating what used to be a tricky feature of cool websites. Before AllWebMenus 5, menus on web sites had to be coded by hand using various tools which demands a certain familiarity about how to use them.  At a minimum, crafters of web-based menus had to know HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. As a blogger, your passion would probably be in writing, but not programming. This meant you either had to pay someone to make the menu for your site, or if not, you had to resign yourself to scattering all the links on the web page. A well established truism in web page design is that the opening screen of your site is a very important piece of real estate.  Make the most of that limited space by using a web menu to make exploration of your site easy.

To the user it simply means ease of use in a well understood context. Because menu-ing systems are the norm for non-web applications like Office suites and most desktop applications, whether they are running on Windows, Mac OS or Linux, any user intuitively knows what a web menu is and how it functions.

It is obvious that buying AllWebMenus 5 is a whole lot cheaper than paying someone to craft a piece of code that may or may not work to your specific requirements. The menu system that is AllWebMenus 5 has received glowing reviews from sites like, TUCOWS and For seasoned developers, it makes a lot of sense to buy AllWebMenus 5 because it means more time to develop other parts of the site that simply do not have drop-in components available. Developers know that making software that works is already difficult, but making web apps work across browsers that include buggy and non-standard complying Internet Explorer compounds everything. Imagine having to deal with a lot of exceptional cases in your code just so that it doesn’t mangle the page when it is open using Internet Explorer. AllWebMenus 5 just works. This is why so many programmers love it. This is why it has received a lot of praises from owners of web sites and their readers. Aside from the slick product that is AllWebMenus 5, Likno Software is known for its outstanding product support.

AllWebMenu  5 is available as a free download but has limited functionality. The menu application can be previewed in WYSWYG mode during design phase but cannot be used for live sites. There is a Lite and Pro version available, but for a fee, the Lite version can be upgraded to the functionally richer Pro version.

Download AllWebMenus 5 here!

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