A Review of 2010’s Trend Micro Internet Security Pro

With the continued testing of the latest and upcoming anti-virus software hitting the market, the 2010 version of Trend Micro Internet Security Pro has its ups and downs. It will be up to the user to figure out if this is the suite for them. What makes the Trend Micro Internet Security Pro stand out on the outset is its relatively affordable price at seventy dollars, along with its attractive and very easy to use operational interface.

The interface is what struck testers initially because, with its neat layout with the right panel containing options for configuration and the left panel for overall navigation, a new user will definitely not get lost and find it adequately easy to handle. This is also one light package that doesn’t take up too much space on your PC and is quite quick to launch once it is installed. Upon start up it only took four and a half seconds quicker to boot when compared to the average boot time of other suites such as Kaspersky or McAfee (two of the top contenders). But it was incomparable to contender speeds when it came to scanning speed of a test drive with a four and a half gigabyte capacity. Performance in terms of scan speed took up to almost 7 and a half minutes which is sluggish when compared to the fastest speed of other suites that only took less than three minutes.

Other positive additions for the Trend Micro Internet Security Pro 2010 system were its helpful package of goods that only served to make installation and use so much easier for both beginner and seasoned computer users. The system package included free downloadable help manuals in PDF, a knowledge base that you can search, how to videos and other options in technical support such as 24/7 phone support (with a fee), free chat, and free email.

When it came to detecting malware infections that were active, the Trend Micro performed well in the test when 87 percent of the malware were disabled by it and 47 percent of the malware was removed completely (which is average performance). However, when it came to rootkit detection, Trend Micro detected rootkits that were active at 97 percent and completely removed the samples with accuracy of 73 percent, which is relatively low compared to other suites that removed 87 percent on average and 100 percent for the true top performing systems.

Behavioral scanning, that basically tests how efficiently and rapidly an anti-virus system will respond to malware that doesn’t have signature bases, showed that Trend Micro had performance that rated average on all counts. Detection was done on the samples and came up at a performance level of 93 percent, disabling and blocking were up to 60 percent of the samples and complete removal had a success rate of 40 percent.

Unfortunately, the downside of Trend Micro was reflected in its scanning and handling of malware with signature bases which only had a performance level of roughly 89 percent. When compared to other anti-virus systems like Kaspersky and McAfee, it rates very low especially when compared to their top performance of clean up ranging between 96 to 99 percent. Every anti-virus should have a high functioning signature-based malware detection scanner since these are old-school malware that shouldn’t be able to compete with newer systems. Overall, the biggest disappointment lay in the low performance here, and it may be the most unsavory flaw of Trend Micro internet Security Pro 2010.

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