The Best Software for HTML Optimization

There are many enthusiasts who create all sorts of sites, blogs and other services by themselves. For creating a website a basic knowledge of HTML is required. Whether it is beginner or advanced programmer, all of them certainly welcome the opportunity to improve their own creativity and optimization abilities and provide maximum comfort, speed and compatibility to all potential visitors. It is easy to optimize any HTML codes by using various programs.

In today’s article you can find such programs as Firebug, Microsoft Expression Web, IETester and HTML Guard.

Firebug as the extension of Firefox offers a plenty of development tools. You can monitor network activity and file transfers, you can edit, debug, view Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), (X) HTML and JavaScript. Firebug will also draw your attention to the exact place where you made a mistake. Correction will be much faster. Firebug is a good tool for optimization and code control.
Download Firebug here!

Microsoft Expression Web
Advanced program suitable for beginners and advanced programmers. It supports a wide range of technologies, including PHP, HTML / XHTML, XML / XSLT, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.NET and others. Program contains SuperPreview tools they control the webpage in multiple web browsers. FTP publishing tool for quick data upload, Silverlight for adding the interactive applications, etc.

The program is primarily designed for web page creating. However, it contains many useful features they thematically match to the content of this article; Microsoft Expression Web optimizes your HTML code.

Download Microsoft Expression Web here!

IETester is basically a small web browser, which contains JavaScript and rendering tools from IE 9, 8, 7, 6 and 5.5 together with Internet Explorer. Program can determine web site compatibility with chosen browser. This application is easy, simple and free.
Download IE Tester here!

HTML Guard
If you support protection of intellectual property and want to protect your HTML code, you can use this utility. HTML Guard encrypts your HTML source and avoids regular users to read it. Even though the appearance of your site won’t be changed and for visitor will be displayed normally. Program can avoid users to use right click in the browser. Program may also prevent from copying (text and images), printing, displaying links in the browser and it is able to prevent page indexing.
Download HTML Guard here!

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