Turn Your Static Pictures into Animated GIFs

Moving pictures, banners and links can be easily and quickly created by using some of animating applications. They will help you to turn your static pictures into moving GIFs.

Even though the time when GIFs were at the top of the website decorations is gone, but this format can be still found online. Here are some specialized applications such as GIMP, FLEX Animator, GIF Movie Gear and more.


Almost everyone who ever dealt with graphics could certainly try out the famous program, which Linux environment got to Windows.  GIMPs functionality is comparable to commercial products from Adobe or Corel. However, it is published under open source licenses. You can use it freely without restrictions.

Download GIMP for Windows here!

Download GIMP for x64 Windows here!

Flex GIF Animator

Flex GIF Animator is a complete solution. FGA Contains tools for painting, cloning, retouching. Program handles 2D and 3D text, and you can create 3D appearance by shading. The program also offers a large number of different effects and filters, which can create a graphical animation without significant interference. Everything looks very smooth and neat. In order to make GIF animation as realistic as possible, Flex GIF Animator allows you to work with video files, and that’s why you are able to create nice moving images. The program allows direct import of AVI and FLC files and will consequently convert them into GIFs. It is also possible to capture individual frames from AVI and MPG movies and assemble them in your animation. This process can be also reversed – you can make a video file from GIF without any problems.

Download Flex GIF Animator here!

GIF Movie Gear

The program environment is mostly suitable for beginners. This simple environment will help you to create a series of images in one moment.

The program does not contain a horde of various functions but you can find here what is really important.  Graphic format support is sufficient, as well as is the result when converting to AVI.

You can also use the free tutorial, which will briefly introduce you to simple functions. Despite its simplicity this program is not for free.

Download GIF Movie Gear here!

Zoner GIF Animator

The main attraction of this application are “trick banners” they simulate Windows controls. In Zoner GIF Animator, you can directly upload the vector graphics (e.g. clip art) in the WMF and EMF formats by special frames. The program has also features for backward rasterization (recovery), which otherwise would be lost forever in the GIF optimization.

Application indeed, supports a wide range of bitmap formats and animation formats (FLIC, AVI). You can set the rotation, transparency and print graphics. You can also use effect filters Adobe Plug-in and Zoner Plug-in.

Microsoft GIF Animator

The older but still popular freeware tool for creating simple GIF animations is characterized mainly by its simplicity and ease of use. Even though it was not developed for some time, it still maintains a place in many computers.

Despite its age program runs on newest Windows 7 without any problems. Many users who do not work with GIFs use to reach for this program because their good long-term experience, and maybe just because of nostalgia.

Download Microsoft GIF Animator here!

EximiousSoft GIF Creator

This program offers user friendly environment.  EximiousSoft GIF Creator is designed primarily for creating banners and buttons for websites. Many actions in the program can be fully automated, so the routine will save your time and you can create more detailed graphics.

Download EximiousSoft GIF Creator here!


Is a handy freeware utility for graphic designers, who often need to put together animations from many files into one image. Batch operation support will save your time. Program is designed mainly for creating quantity. ImageKlebor also supports most popular image formats, what increases its universality.

Download ImageKlebor here!


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