WinRAR 4 Final Released!

This latest version of WinRAR decompresses multimedia files 30% faster, saves your archive passwords for reuse and offers optimized Unicode support. Thanks to RAR’s improved and highly accelerated decompression algorithm, users can now extract their files up to 30% faster than with previous WinRAR versions.

Password protection of archives is one of the most important and most popular security functions of WinRAR. A frequently requested feature – a password manager – has been added to the new WinRAR 4. For the first time ever users can define and save their frequently used passwords with the new password organizer function. Another highlight of the new WinRAR version is the numerous improvements in Unicode support. For example, WinRAR 4.0 now supports non-English file names. Noticeable improvement can also be seen in WinRAR functions like “Rename”, “Convert”, “Find” and other commands, in the folder tree panel, in the password request dialog and in many other parts of the WinRAR interface.

Download WinRAR 4 (x32) here! | Download WinRAR 4 (x64) here!

Further important innovations in WinRAR 4.0
WinRAR offers better Blu-ray Support: UDF support has been upgraded to UDF 2.50 revision, now making it possible to unpack most Blue-ray ISO files.
WinRAR now offers the users the option to display passwords, if needed. Via the analogous password dialogue in the packing and unpacking process, passwords now can be visible during both processes.

A tip for all Windows-64-bit-users, it is highly recommended to install the WinRAR 64-bit version. It is faster, and offers the best available integration. WinRAR´s compression speed under Windows Vista and Windows 7 or any other multi-core-system has been increased considerably.

Download WinRAR 4 (x32) here!

Download WinRAR 4 (x64) here!

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