Latest Vesion Of Firefox 5 Coming Soon With UI And TAB Upgrades

The latest version of firefox 5 is going to be arrived in the market with user friendly design and various attractive features within couples of weeks. Mozilla is going to take less time to release the new version, unlike FireFox 4.

The development process of this software will be completed by second week of this month. Firefox 5 will be designed with different useable facilities like multi-select abilities; this will help the users to open more than one tab at a time in same screen. There will be new tab page in the latest browser version.

There will be significant change in deletion of “Home” bottom altogether. The designers will think how to make the “Home” app tab permanent. This is not yet finalized but Mozilla is working on it.

The revised version of software will take pivotal role in Firefox 5 with a updated address bar of icon, this will be capable enough to give social networking directly to address bar. This update version features not only works for facebook and Twitter. Other social media sites like Digg, Reddit and Stumbleupon will also be included in the new features.

The important and significant change will incorporate in next version Firefox 5, through this change each and every tab will be customized through its own menu. This tab will help the users of the browser to use shortcut option for viewing other sites.

If so, you can use facebook frequently, you can also able to create customized menu for each Facebook tab. This will further enable you to access more pages whatever you like to represent in your menu, including privacy settings and message photo.

The latest version of firefox 5 will enhance the management capabilities; this will give you the opportunity sign-in from multiple accounts at a time. It also helps you to keep signed in with an integrated separate manager. The new version of firefox 5 will come up with integrated PDF viewer like Chrome browser of Google. Wait to explore more salient features of the new browser unveil itself with time.

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