Paragon Hard Disk Manager 11 Professional

Three different types of paragon hard disk exists, the first one is the hard disk manager that is mostly used by homeowners, and the second one is the hard disk manager 11 professional that is used for business activities. These hard disks have different features according to their uses. If you have ever used these devices you will just know their benefits. These editions are very simple to use when you want to partition, format, delete some software, undelete, merge, and re-size the drives. There are some simple wizards for you to use when performing these operations.

There are special options of the backups that can help you perform backups operations smoothly. This will help you to backup some files from the media, documents and e-mails to some partitions. You can be able to save your backups to any directory of your choice or save it on the network drives. This process ensures that the performance is normally outstanding.

  • Have special tool like defrag tool that helps you perform defragmentation by the use of various files like NTFS.
  • You can have a copy tool that can help you formulate copies of had-drives by just a click of a mouse. In addition, you can delete your files safely and you can recover them later if you need them.

There are new editions that have some additional features.  However, if you need disaster recovery tool you need to have HMD professional. This can change cluster size if you want and you can have a sufficient memory. You can create scripts by the use of scripting tool easily. You can convert virtual drives from physical drives because they support all formats and perform some tweaks successfully. Their cost depends on the features they contain. Get all functionality you need for your drives.

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