Todo Backup Home For Network Support And Image Viewing

EASEUS Todo Backup Home is a gratis backup utility that started as a quite simple disk-imaging tool. It has undergone various changes and improvements to come up with wonderful versions. The latest version is version 2.5.  It has many wonderful features than its predecessors. It is the best backup solution that both experts and beginners can use. Todo Backup Home has made backing up data a rather stress free task.

Version 2 was the stepping-stone to enable this program to move to image-only backups to file and file and folder based backups. It also enhanced the speed of the backup. It was the latest version of Todo Backup by the end of 2010.Version 2.5 has many abilities than version 2. It can come up with not only backups of files and folders but also the whole disk and partition backups.

In our current digital world, many home users are opting for network or share data between computers. This led to the installation of an option to backup-shared network files in the program. There are many ways, which you can ensure that every vital data is safe. The easiest way is by coming up with a full system backup in the form of an image. Todo Backup has an added feature that enables browsing of backup images. This enables one to look for individual files and bring back things a little at a time when necessary.

Disk images usually occupy many spaces. This is one important reason as to why incremental backups are essential. The EASEUS Todo Backup Home has a feature that enables you to delete older images from within the program. This creates space for newer backups. Version 2.5 brings up to date the backup schedule feature thus simplifying the on-going security of your data.

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