Adobe Flash 11 And AIR 3 – The Next Generation Browser Solution

Adobe has released the beta versions for Adobe Flash 11 and AIR 3 to take forward the use of next generation flash solution in browsing the internet.

Amongst all the contents found on the internet, there are many created using the flash creators. All the Flash contents on the internet need flash to be present on the computer that is browsing. The people who are using Flash to create content on the internet actually have a huge number, and as a result, most users require flash to use the internet.

Amongst the features available with the new Flash 11 is the support for 64-bit browsers. As most internet browser are coming with a 64-bit support, the new Flash is 64 bit compatible. The 64-bit support of Flash is a new development and not complete. The later release will have a more stable support. 

Adobe Flash 11 And Adobe Air 3

Adobe Flash 11 And Adobe Air 3

Another feature is the Hardware Graphics support. This applies for both AIR and Flash. The graphics whilst browsing is now hardware-accelerated. This means that there is a scope for faster browsing. Even 2D graphics are now hardware-accelerated.

There are improvements in the streaming of data as well. Video Data streamed through the internet is faster with H.264/AVC video encoding. This makes for better se of video cameras for media such as flash chat. Then there is a method of audio compression called the G.711, this improves the speed of live audio transfer.

There are mew things in AIR as well. One of these is the inclusion for transferring HD quality video. The improvements in Flash now also work in applications created using flash.

There are four versions of Flash available for download for 64-bit and 32-bits. The first set is for Internet Explorer only and the others are for the other browsers. The beta versions for Linux, Mac and Windows are all available from the Adobe website.

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