Auslogics Internet Optimizer: Increase Our Internet Speed

Auslogics Internet OptimizerAuslogics internet optimizer is a connection speed optimizing tool that woks by tweaking certain settings that changes many advanced settings to improve connection speed. The tool is somewhat successful according to some ratings in actually improving your internet speed. The program is part of the Auslogics BoostSpeed 5 suite.

The program has two ways of working, one is the automated way, and the other is the manual process. In the automated style users will be shown the settings that are being tweaked and a roll-back will be created incase there are other problems or side-effects showing up.

Auslogics Internet OptimizerThen there is the manual tweaking method. In this method, the program will show a tree chart of all the related settings about your connection speed. This method allows users to select the settings you want changed and deselect the settings the users do not want to keep.

The optimizer not only works on the basic tweaks like MTU and RWIN. It is also capable of tweaks for TCP/IP, Winsock and a few DNS cache settings. The Optimizer works by enabling and disabling a few registry features as well. The optimizer is also capable of tweaking various browser settings. The browsers it supports are Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. Unfortunately, it does not contain any settings for Google Chrome.

Tweaks are very uncertain efforts put forward to improve performance, so it is not guaranteed that users will receive the increased performance. Results may vary for your connection. Users may, get an even slower performance, get their normal performance but with certain good or bad points, or will get the desired results- increased performance.

In order to get the old settings back after a tweak, use the Rescue center to roll-back. The Auslogics Internet Optimizer comes free for download. It supports Windows versions, both 32 and 64 bits.

Please note, Internet Optimizer is now one component of Auslogics BoostSpeed.


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