DumpIt – A Tool For Recovery

The DumpIt is a tool for recovering files from a hung up program. The program is a recovery console.

For users who have programs that hang up without any notice the tool is very useful. With taking just 203 KB of hard disk space, the program surpasses any other of its size seeing from its usefulness. It is annoying when a program hangs up but when there is an important file on the stake then users need to take a step towards recovery. The DumpIt is one tool available for that purpose. 



The program works by copying the binary of the files on the RAM to a dedicated space on the hard disk. The amount of RAM it can recover is 3 GB for 32-bit Systems and the entire RAM for 64-bit systems. This makes the tool very usable. However, the storage is the binary, or the RAW data of the files on the RAM, to solve this, users will require a software for compiling the binary. The time that the software will take depends on the amount of RAM the software copies. If the amount of RAM is very large then the time will be more.

The console is very easy to use despite the fact that it has no easy-to-use graphical interface. However, the exclusion of a graphical interface reduces the amount of hard disk space the program takes and fits it to the use in emergency when there is less RAM available. Once users open the application, the software will confirm if he or she wants to start copying the RAM, once permitted the process of copying will begin. After that, use a compilation software to retrieve the information.

The software is available for most Windows Operating systems and takes very little amount of RAM to run. It runs on all computers despite how old it may be.

DumpIt is a part of MoonSols Windows Memory Toolkit

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