MultiCommander 1.10: A Tool For Placing Multiple Commands At The Same Time

Mathias Svensson has released a new file managing software called the MultiCommander 1.10.

The developers intend the software to win its place as a multi tool application for doing different tasks on Windows. The tool is mainly a file managing software that has other features and some useful things relating to the efficiency of managing files. The software is still developmental and is free for download from its official site.  

Multi Commander 1.1.0

Multi Commander 1.1.0

The feature that makes the software different from others is that it has a dual window file explorer. You can browse two directories of the hard drive at the same time. The addition of this feature is to transfer files from one directory to another one. The transferring of files through drag-and-drop is a lot easier for Windows users with this software. Another feature that the software comes with is an in-built archive manager. It can also explore directories of RAR, ZIP, 7z, and other file formats; this makes it very valuable for managing and arranging files. The feature also includes archiving of files into RAR and other correlated formats as well.

One more addition is a registry editor. The HKEY_CURRENT_USER directory is modifiable with this software. This feature is simply to create an image that just increases the amount of features in just one package; Windows provides a fully usable registry editor. One other feature that resembles the same thing is a task manager that the software comes with- users can end running processes. This is also a rather bringing-in-one-place type feature because Windows also provides a Task Manager from the start.

The software has a lot more than just these. The package is good for running all the time users are using their computers. Even though the software is free, the future versions may not be free as more features will add to the current arsenal.

MultiCommander is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions for the Windows operating systems only.

Download MultiCommander

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