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Sigil is a conversion tool used to convert word files to the EPUB format. As the popularity of online novels increases the use of tools to put novels online are coming up each day. People who want to publish their novels through Lulu will realize that they are in need of a conversion program in the end. That is because Lulu will not support word files, and most people like to use word processors to create their writings.

This will prove a lot of nuisance once someone has taken the time to create a complete novel. In addition, creating novels for the internet not only requires writing skills but also requires skills for the use of XHTML. Because the things on the internet are not just words but decorative pieces of the actual 0s and 1s of a machine.



The XHTML is a coding used in programming of online pages. EPUB files are pieces of XHTML creation and if a user does not know the XHTML language properly then he or she could face problems when using it. However, it is like writing two novels if users will have to use XHTML in their writing. That is why Sigil is there to make the problem lighter. There are people who have no XHTML skills and for them Sigil is the only way to create their content.

Sigil contains an importer that imports files from a word document then creates a table of content. Alongside that, users can add images into their books. One image that is a necessary is the book cover. Users will get their e-book ready very quickly with all the functions of Sigil.

Sigil is a software available for Mac, Linux and windows operating systems and comes in both 64-bit and 32-bit builds. Sigil requires very little hardware resources.

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