The COMODO Backup 4 – Towards A Different Future

The COMODO BackUp has now upgraded to a new version known as the version 4 Beta, which has two different versions. The COMODO became one of the most well known software with its version-3 release. The version 3 contained all the useful features that made it an all round performer for creating Backup files. People who started using the COMODO became satisfied with its performance. As a result, the developers launched the version 4 with a free and a purchasable version.  

Comodo BackUp 4

Comodo BackUp 4

This is very weird that the free version of version 4 beta is a lot less functional than version 3. There are many function removed from the arsenal of the software of the free version of the version 4. However, there are actually not much development made to the trial pro version as well. The pro version is still in beta, and most users have noticed very little improvement between the version 3 and the version 4 pro. This leaves the conclusion that the version 4 is just a preview of how the COMODO BackUp will develop in the future- taking a route to a more commercial software than a freeware.

The features that the COMODO version 4 includes in its pro version are a faster, better backup file creator, a scripting and command-line support, some exporting and importing features and a notification system. There is another system of basing the differential backups for incremental backups.

The feature that the developers excluded from the version 4 freeware is the file verification scan. This makes the backing up of files a lot slower than it actually is. Then there are the things like the file explorer that allowed the users to browse the files that they want to backup and select them. With this feature removed, the users have to spend a little time on directories.

The beta of the pro and freeware version of the COMODO backup version 4 is available for Windows operating systems from Windows XP and later.

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