UserAssist – Uncover Hidden Processes And Application Logs



UserAssist is a program for viewing application logs.

The application log is a list of all the applications that ran on the system. This list contains the details of the logs of application, the details from the number of times an application started to the time and date of each start and end. There are several tools for monitoring the application log and UserAssist is one of them. UserAssist allows users to not only see the logs that the users make but also shows the logs that the system makes secretly.

The uses for viewing the application log with UserAssist may be various, here are a few common uses below:

  1. Diagnosing – To diagnose a system, UserAssist is very useful. The tool can show the error logs of the application and with this result users can find out what caused a crash. The tool can also find out the hidden applications that ran on the system. To fix any problem regarding the running of an application, UserAssist is very precious.
  2. Monitoring Logs for Hacks – Hackers hack computers to spam with the IP by running and installing applications secretly. Using UserAssist will let you understand if a hacker is using your computer secretly or not.
  3. Checking what someone is using the computer for – The UserAssist will let you know what people are doing with the computer. For computer used by several users, this is a very helpful tool. Users can check what the applications the other users used.

The program does not require installation. After users store the program on the hard drive they can use it to open the application log that is actually a part of the windows registry. This software decrypts the registry to show the application log. Users can save or delete the application log using this software.

This program works only for Windows 7.

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