Xplorer2 2.0 – File Manager For Old OS



A file management solution for people using older Windows operating systems is the Xplorer2.

The Xplorer2 is a file management program designed to provide easily accessible and organized file management. The developers ZABKAT Software are the innovators of the software. The software has features that surpass the features of the regular Windows Explorer that comes generally with Windows. The developers created the software for the convenience of exploring files using the older versions of Windows. The program covers all the features of the Explorer and extends to a new level.

Here are the features that the Xplorer2 version 2.0 comes with:

  1. A tabbing system – The software gives the touch of browsing the internet to browsing through the files in a computer. Users can create multiple tabs and switch through them all the time.
  2. Detailed viewing – The software allows showing the details of files inside a folder, the details of size and extension, etc.
  3. Preview of maximum files – Whilst browsing users will get a preview of picture files and other documents. The version 2.0 also contains the feature of previewing PDF and spreadsheet files.
  4. File management according to classification – You can select multiple files according to their types and names.
  5. A search option – There is a search option accessible from the main-view.
  6. Display of Metadata – It displays the Metadata for some file types.
  7. Secure deletion and detection of duplicate files
  8. Encryption

The software packs a number of features in one program.

The software is useful for managing around thousands of files within a very short time. It takes very little amount RAM from the CPU around 15 MB, this allows for faster computing even when the program is running. Users who use older versions of Windows that are 32-bits will find this software very helpful.

The software has 32-bit versions for most, older Windows operating systems. There are also 64-bit versions of the software as well.

Download Xplorer2

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  • Ben

    I’ve been running xPlorer for year. wouldn’t be without it. it runs great on win 7 and is still far superior to MS’ windows Explorer. Try it if you do anything more than save your stuff to “my documents”.

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