Has Editing Been Made Simple With The IcoFX 2


The work of editing has now been simplified with the creation of the new version of icon FX. Ico FX 2 comes as a trial version and you can download it anywhere.

IcoFx has subsequently announced that the new version is able to run fifteen times before it can finally change to a cut down demo. This however happens if you make the save functionality inactive. A different and new interface is sported by the ico FX2 once you launch the program. The world now waits to see the niche that the icoFX will be able to curve especially owing to the fact that it can be able to create static as well as animated cursors. Before the invention of the icoFX2,its predecessors had to go an extra mile of using the aniFx tool in order to achieve this venture. The IFX format is also found in the icoFX 2 and through it you can be able to support layer image editing.

For editing to be perfect and effective, smarts and more features are a must have. The icoFX2 has more of this compared to the previous versions. Sophisticated brushes are now incorporated for you to come up with the perfect editing. There are multi color gradients giving you the perfect opportunity to put the colors you wish. The magic wand is among the list of endless tool you will also find. It is obviously plain to see that this software brings you the latest technology and this is the fact that justifies its alteration of price. The fact that this amazing software is able to support all forms of image formats ranging from JPEG to TIF. You can get good results symbolized by striking icons from something so small. As a matter of fact, this is achievable from scratch.  This is the new technology that is receiving a lot of positive accolades from all corners of the world. Nevertheless, the icoFX2 has also had a share of its critics with many pointing out that it does not deserve the new price tag it bears. It is simply too dear with most of the new features already existing in the previous brands such as the iconFX 1.6.4.

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