The New Trillian Versions That Supports Skype

Cerulean studios have now added admirable decorum to the Trillian for Windows.

It has been upgraded to version 5.1 with the sole purpose of making it compatible with Skype. Rightly so, it will be able to join other notable networks such as face book and twitter.

The use of social networking sites is now easy and much enjoyable with the use of trillian. It simply provides a one stop shop to all the chat accounts you are familiar with. Nonetheless, for Skype, the support in only for chatting and voice calls. It is yet to venture into video chats. Support for Skype has received a short in the right arm with the incorporation of the Skype kit desktop tool. With lots of luck, it has outstandingly accomplished a lot. It allows you to be able to plug in third party products into Skype. Imagine you being able to access your Skype account without necessarily having to launch Skype itself? This is now possible with the use of trillian. It makes this possible as long as you install the desktop client in Windows.

The number of instant messaging services that Trillian works with are soaring in lips and bounds. This has been boosted by the inclusion of Skype. As a matter of fact, they add up to 11 making Trillian the most preferable by renowned users. The list includes Windows live messenger, Google talk, yahoo messenger and bonjour. Others include ICQ, AOL and IRC. If you want to provide a single entry point to twitter or face book, you can easily do it using Trillian. The same case applies to LinkedIn and my space IM. When you have a new message, you can know when it has arrived because Trillian is able to support the import of email accounts. There is also the trillian pro licenses. This is exceptional if you want to store chat conversations in the cloud. You can acquire a new license for the use of trillian from the trillian store.

Download Trillian here!

Download Trillian here!

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