Why Lightning And Thunderbird Are The Best?

Lightning 1.0 is now the newest and most stable build of the Thunderbird add-ins that has been released by Mozilla. Lightning is capable of adding different organizer tools to Thunderbird. If it is a calendar or list, you can now do it and achieve a more outlook like feeling.

There are various easy ways with which you can successfully download the new Mozilla Lightning version. You can opt to download it as a separate XPI file. If this is the case, installation should be done manually if you want to achieve great results. The other option is to open Thunderbird and then do the location using the add-ins menu. There are many things that are bound to occur once you are through with the installation. For instance, a new event and a task menu will appear in Thunderbird. You will also see events pane. You stand a chance to tweak them so that they can show a list of events. The events pane will also be able to portray tasks for the currently selected day.

The Mozilla Lightning is now available for you to download. You can find it now as a free open source download for computers that are compatible with Thunderbird. The same case should apply to the new versions of Thunderbird. You need to comprehend where the Lightning program emerged from. It evolved from the Mozilla calendar project that pioneered as a sole calendar application bearing the name of sunbird. Nonetheless, Mozilla is no longer in association with sunbird. The only benefit is that you can still perform separate downloads. The sunbird remains in beta and recommends the use of Thunderbird and Lightning. There is a sole goal to eventually incorporate Lightning into Thunderbird. The aim is to make them single stand alone application that will be in a position to give Microsoft outlook a deserved competition.

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