The Current Position Of Safari’s Share Usage


The new data network applications have been released with more shocking news being evident. On the face of it, safari has dwindled with the usage share falling drastically.

Mobile safari usage shares have gone down according to the latest results. This is unlike the month of January when the safari usage soared consistently. The month of November is what has set a new trend for the safari mobile usage with shares falling down significantly.

This is unlike the cast of Chrome, Firefox and Opera. The three have seen their shares grow in leaps and bounds for the recent months.  As if that is not ridiculous enough, safari is riding in the same boat with internet explorer. If the experience from the past is anything to go by, then safari needs the new features that will move internet users. This is what will keep in at bay with other competing browsers in the market.

The dwindling of safari shares is a situation that implies total loss for the browser. Even more significantly, safaris main pain in the neck is internet explorer. The IE usage share is slightly different. In the month of November, it was up by a small margin. Nonetheless, IE usage is going down if you compare the present situation with what it was like two years ago. Almost two years down the line, the situation is different and IE is experiencing turbulent times. On the other hand, chrome seems to be almost at its best. Its share has been showing a remarkable improvement since the November 2010. The usage of Firefox has also experienced significant downfall for the last one year. It is in a solid place and doing much better than Chrome. What rankles is the obvious attempt by Mozilla to rump up development cycles. This is what has been bringing down Chrome. If this was not the case, Chrome could be in a better position than Firefox.

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