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NoVirusThanks is a renowned Italian internet vendor. As part of its strategies to offer better performance to computer users, it has now made its monitoring tools available as freeware.

The new freebies have a lot to offer to the users. The portability and easy use is something noticeable. The program makes it easy to understand and identify the kind of files that have been added by an installation program. With the extension monitor, all this is possible. Launching the program is a wise choice if you love your PC.  Its troubleshooting powers are simply unmatchable to its competitors. It becomes very simple to log files just the way they were created. The variants and features in this program make it possible to accord numerous contributions to the computer industry. The PE dropper monitor is equally an established variant on this program. It is able to track the creation of executable files such as DLL and EXE. Moving on, the program now comes with the deletion extension monitor that records files that have been deleted in the system.

It is very easy and simple to choose the file extensions that you will like to track. This is because this program can be customized to make this possible. In the end, it becomes easy to have these files launched when the windows start to execute more loggings. The program is very effective with minimal chances of draining the resources of your system. There is also the Driver radar pro. It provides a good control making sure that only the right drivers are loaded on the system. Nevertheless, this applies to 32-bit windows only. There are secure white listing techniques that help when one wants to lock down a PC. This good program is very helpful if you are an experienced user. It is good to try it and empower your computer.

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