Troubleshooting Your Computer With The New O&O BlueCon 9

O&O BluCon 9

O&O BluCon 9

O&O BlueCon 9 has been released this week with the aim of making your PC work faster and more efficiently. This software is now here to help trouble shoot a computer that refuses to start.

When a company or business PC fails, it comes with profound consequences. It is very annoying when you have a lot of work at the desk and the computer will not start. It will now be possible to solve this kind of predicament with the new O&O blueCon 9. This helpful program is now available in a bootable windows PE. It is possible to launch it in your PC from a CD or USB flash drive. This is where you will find a windows desktop that has troubleshooting and diagnostic tools. O&O BlueCon 9 comes with the essential programs that make it possible to repair file system errors. This is what empowers you to recover any crucial files that have been deleted accidentally. In essence, it becomes possible to restore an entirely lost partition. Sometimes, a system is not able to start. This occurs because of a faulty driver or service.  It makes it impossible to check mails and get online. The O&O BlueCon 9 is very helpful when this situation occurs.

O&O BlueCon 9 now comes with all it takes to help when a user has forgotten the password. This is possible because of the bundled user management tools. You will be able to recover the password when the user profile has been corrupted. Even more importantly, it is very possible to recover from a fault windows update. This is a good venture and opportunity to wind back the system and make it more functional and powerful. O&O BlueCon 9 makes it possible to manually solve more complex issues facing the PC. It provides all the necessary accessories that make this possible.

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