Your Password Is Now Safe With Password Security Scanner

Password Security Scanner

Password Security Scanner

NirSoft has come to the rescue of all computer users. With the release of Password security scanner, it is now possible to establish the kind of password guesses people are making on your PC.

Signs that this release from NirSoft is going to make a remarkable impact are already manifest. Having simple passwords is very atavistic and very unacceptable. Using the new password security scanner enables one to know all the attempts made by strangers. The program can be launched and installed in any computer that is running the windows. It scans your system for saved passwords and all the other applications it supports. These includes internet explorer, outlook and windows messenger.

Nonetheless, it may be impossible to run this program on some of the machines that are protected by a master password. It takes very few seconds and you will be in a position to find out what the program has discovered. The password security scanner is able to provide all the details about the application. If the attempt was made using lower or upper cases, you will be able to find out. The length and number of numerics are also displayed.

This is why all computer users must take their hearts off for the achievements of Password security scanner program. It vehemently endeavors to protect your password and the computer at large. Nonetheless, it will not be possible to set the password itself. It is a good factor that will make you feel your password and privacy has not been compromised. In addition, users will be in a position to use dictionary word and very common passwords. The program does not have to pick them for you. Using the password security scanner is a big step forward. In the near future, it is going to be possible to access passwords that are stored in additional applications. This is according to NirSoft.

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