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Accessing important services such as twitter and face book is now easy with Pokki. This platform makes it possible for you to head straight to a website of the online service that you want.

If you are used to spending much of your time Online, then this is the platform for you. Being able to access Internet from your desktop without necessarily using a browse has a lot of value. It is something that has been recognized for long and even Microsoft knew the potential of this when coming up with components of the older versions of Active Desktop Windows. Pokki is a bit advanced that these Windows version. It has more options that offer a series of applications that have been specifically designed for the user. Each of the apps in this platform have been designed with a specific service in mind. Installing Pokki is easy after downloading it. You just visit Pokki store from where you can download any type of Pokki application.  Many people call these apps Pokkies. The most familiar Pokkies that you will get in this store include the most familiar ones such as Twitter, Gmail, Face book, among others. You can also get game apps, online media, like Grooveshark, productivity tools, among others. These apps are available in a wide range and are also of high quality.

The most impressive thing about Pokki apps is that they are all purpose-written.  This makes it feel like one is having a website conversation when using them. They not only bring give the user access to desktop version of different versions, but also improve how one enjoys using the services. Although this program is in Beta currently, it is shaping up top more impressive software. It is one of the programs that will revolutionize the way people use the Internet. You can get a free copy of this program by visiting Pokki page and find out what it is about.

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