Windows Explorer Is Better With The New Drive Manager

At times, while using Explorer you might find that managing storage facilities is hard. This problem is now solved with the release of Drive Manager program.

Storage facilities in your system may include hard drives, memory card readers, removable storage disks and network drives among others. It might become hard to manage all these things. This is where the Drive Manager comes in. It is a portable device thus very efficient. It presents a single opening screen that makes your work much easier as everything you need is in one place. Its contents include drive volume, name of drive and type of drive, network path, free space, used space among other things. It can also tell you the vendor and name of the USB drive you are using at that time. It is equipped with a disk information option that reveals the devices name, its bytes per every sector and also number of sectors per every cluster. Its ability to tell you in depth information about the file system makes it very useful.

A feature that will catch your attention is the SMART checker. This tool will list things like the drives temperature, number of system errors and will highlight upcoming system crashes. It is therefore very handy in solving this problem beforehand. The program also has tools that can scan your drive for any errors and also check on the speed of the system. It also has a subsequent option that will allow you to create virtual drives that can make a path to your hard drives.

Installing this program is an easy way to know more about your system. Since it is portable, you can use it anywhere you want. It has some very interesting features that make it a must have.

Download Drive Manager

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