Better Version Of Skype Released; Skype 5.8


Skype has become so common over the world but it has had its share of criticism. The newly released Skype 5.8 has been improved to this effect.

The introduction of the beta Skype 5.8 thrilled all video call lovers with its added features. The initial Skype features were associated with blurry images, bad video footage among other related problems. They did support High Definition videos and video calling, if you had a god camera and fast internet connection. In the 5.8 there are a few added features that will blow your mind.

For example the ability to group-share the video call. This was not possible in the previous versions of Skype. You can now also be able to share your desktop or parts of it if you have a Skype Premium Account. This was also not available in the previous versions. Another feature that really makes this new version interesting and a must have is the introduction to audio and video chatting with friends in face book. Since the Skype will not accommodate all your face book friends, the program will hide the offline friends in a separate window. You will then be able to see all the online friends in the Skype window.

The 5.8 has also included the push to talk technology that has been used in walkie talkies. This is effective if you get tired of always starting and stopping conversations through the Skype Menu. With this technology, a Skype keyboard shortcut is created. When you want to talk, you press this key shortcut. You should press on it till the time the conversation is over. If you release the key, you will no longer be heard. If you are interested in this program you can learn more about it from the Skype garage blog.

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