Better Security Engine And Backup With The New Norton 360 6.0 From Symantec

Adding support for the Windows of your system is now easy with Norton 360. This program adds not just security engine to your system, but system tune-up and backup as well.

Norton 360 is one of the most innovative system maintenance and back up tools in the current market. This program also offer windows 8 support. It comes with additional features that are not in the previous versions such as Norton management and identity safe. It also has a more improve navigation for automatic recovery and backup. Basically, this new version of Norton uses the Internet security engine for the year 2012. This is why majority of its debuted features were released in 2011.

With the tools of this program, you will be able to manage your personal data in a secure manner. You will also be able to manage your remote PC using the interface for Norton management. You will also have a better download insight using Norton cloud.This makes it possible to rate this program for stability and reliability and also security.

In addition to these innovative features, Norton 360 comes with improvements in its other components. These include a backup navigation that has been simplified. There is also support for automatic update that supports windows 8. This include Beta version which follow the latest alpha build since its testing has been ramped up in order to cater for more audience.

This program is also to include another new product that will cover Mac, Windows, and Android users. It will provide a multi-user license. This will allow the users to use key products of the program across a wide range of devices.

This new suite will have premier Norton 360 for Windows, Mac Internet security and Android mobile security. Nevertheless, this program is an innovative product and it is available for download. You can also download a trial version of this program.

Download Norton 360 Here!

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