Improve The Toolkit of Your USB Drive By Adding ProEject


It is now possible to eject your USB Flash once you are done using it with ease thanks to ProEject. This innovative program closes all running programs that you could have launched from the flash drive.

When you are done with working using your drive, you can choose to unplug it. However, this is not usually a good idea. This is because if the Cache of your PC windows have data that has not yet been written on the drive it is likely to be lost. This is why it is always advisable to eject it first. For some people, the eject option for windows may not be the way they like. If you are such a person who find the eject option for windows not good for them, then you need ProEject. It gives you a custom script or short cut to eject drives with ease. These programs will start by closing down programs that could be running from your drive. This is very important because if such programs are still running, it may not be easy for you to eject the device. Basically, ProEject works by trying to clean up the device once you are done with all activities. It does this by searching areas that have been used recently. It also search registry and find shortcuts that have been created in the send to, quick Launch, Pinned folders, and recent. However, it removes anything that you might have added in the session of using your device.

In addition, this program has other innovative features. For instance, ProEject will recognize if your device uses TrueCrypt and dismount it in the right manner. It also works with other tools in a bid to improve how it ejects your drive. It also has a support command line that makes it possible to use some of its functionality from your personal script.

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