Microsoft Desktop Player Beta

Microsoft Desktop Player

To create more interest in their products Microsoft has gone ahead to add a new feature in their Microsoft Desktop Player beta version. Desktop Player Beta has now been released with better features than the predecessors.

It’s odd that with so many people all over the world using Microsoft products on a daily basis, so few really take the least trouble in getting to know how the products really work. For instance most databases are accessed using Microsoft’s SQLserver. However few people actually know where to get low level information on this product. The Microsoft Desktop Player Beta is now available with a new look but most of its features are just standard. This said there’s one addition to the player that can be termed as new.  The player aims to provide a desktop client through which the user can access advanced low-level information on Microsoft technologies such as SQL server, SQL Exchange, internet security, Graphic Manipulation software just to mention a few.

The Microsoft Desktop Player Beta is no doubt easy to use. You simply enter your role and a few keywords about what you are looking for, then click search. Relevant and useful information will then be provided. This might be in the form of podcasts or webcast which means you can play the ones you want. Something to note though, of the two options provided for roles, filling in your role as an IT professional tends to produce a lot less information than one would expect. This however does not mean that the information provided is deficient, it’s just really specific. Filling in your role as an IT developer gives a broader range of information and you will definitely get a chance to learn something new.

One thing though makes one wonder whether it’s possible to come up with an application and then forget about it. This might be the case with the player.  If you to click on the news tab, you might get surprised to find news dating back to last summer. Let’s hope someone notices this and something is done about it.  All in all, Microsoft Desktop Player is a product that is at least worth a minute of your time.

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