The Launch Of Bing Desktop Program And How It Functions

Bing Desktop

Bing Desktop

Recently the Bing Desktop program was introduced and it is a program that will bring all your Bing searches on your desktop.

Most people are used to using the ordinary search option in their computer. This might be because it has been there for a long time or just for the fact that it was among the first search options. These days however, there are other search engines. Bing is one of them. Bing has been around for some time now and most people have heard about it by now. This is all good. But people still opt to use the other searches. With the release of the Bing desktop however, it is now expected that many people will start using Bing more often. The Bing desktop can use Windows 7 but it cannot work on the other previous Windows. The others are compatible. So the Windows 7 onwards users are the target audience for this desktop. It also has the ability to change your wallpaper from time to time according to your liking. It will even give you the Bing wallpaper if that is what you wish. Most people will however find it a bit challenging in the beginning but on getting the hang of it, it becomes easier. The desktop also uses a little space and so will not crowd your CPU. It is usually located at the center of the screen but there are options and settings of changing its positions.  You should know that if you put the icon on the top of the screen, it will disappear from the taskbar so don’t not get worried when this happens.

The Bing desktop works just like the other search and find programs that you might already know. You just key in the word of what you are looking for in the computer and it will bring all the related items.

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