The Release Of ClipBoard Magic 5.0

ClipBoard Magic 5.0 has been released with the aim of finding an efficient way of copying text form browsers and PDF files when searching for information on the web.

This is the case especially when using everyday word processors because it takes ages to copy text. Of the many applications none is more suited to tackle this problem than Clipboard Magic 5. 0.

One great thing about Clipboard Magic is its ease in retaining any text copied to it in an orderly list for later reference. The Clipboard Magic 4.0 was released in 2005 and though its reception was fairly good, a few issues did emerge. One involved the tendency of the program to produce a very long list of copied text which made it difficult to identify related text.

Another involved the limit of 32KB on the size of text copied to the clipboard. Yet another issue involved the loss of copied items in the case power failure or system clash. The Beta version, Clipboard Magic 5.0, solves these issues by, first, making it possible to give individual text clips labels and names as well as color coding the text. Second the Beta version also automatically saves text on the clipboard ensuring that text items are not lost in the case of power failure or system crash. Third, the latest version removes the 32KB restriction on text clip size thus a large text item can be copied in one go.

Additional features include Unicode support which allows for the pasting of text in different languages, as well as the ability to customize the tool bar to the user’s specifications.  The Beta version has also tackled the problem of the loss of response from the program while it copies text.  This has been done by enabling repeated trials at copying text. This increases the chances of the programs success in doing this. The Clipboard Magic 5.0 is program that’s worth the time you would use to preview its improved features.

Download Clipboard Magic 5. 0

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