Cloudfogger – The Best Way To Protect Online Data

Online backup is becoming more common these days. But how safe is it you might wonder. To ensure its safety, Cloudfogger has been released.



There are very many websites that will help you save your information online. This is very simple and you will be sure that no one in your family or work place gets access to your files. It is also very easy and anyone can do it. Online backing up will need a small fee but it worth it. However, you might be worried about hackers. These might hack into the server of the computers that are backing up your data and will get access to all the information in there. You can however stop this using the Cloudfogger. The program will let you encrypt your data before you save it in the outside server. This makes it harder for hackers to know what the document is. They might hack into the system but they will not be able to read your information. When you want to use it, you select the folder that you want the program to encrypt. It will then create a drive in your computer and all the files that you out in this drive will be encrypted. You will therefore have the files on your computer and you can also use your phone to access them if you have an account with Cloudfogger. You might worry that you will not be able to share the encrypted but you still can share it with anyone you want.

The Cloudfogger is free and you can download it anytime that you want. The product is therefore a very useful one and must have for all computer users especially those who back up their data online. It is compatible with Windows and there is android beta for android users. It is expected that the Mac and iOS versions will be out soon.

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