WinZip 16.5 Is Now Available As A Better Archiving Tool



In the world of data compression WinZip is definitely one of the giants. To consolidate its position, WinZip has now undergone a major upgrade. The upgrade features a number of new features and performance enhancements. These include an improved 64-bit engine and an improved performance when used in conjunction with AMD graphic processor units.

The AMD Fusion processors and Radeon GPUs when installed in a system definitely make the performance of WinZip a whole lot better. The improved user interface will go a long way in giving this popular archiving tool greater appeal. The ribbon style toolbar is very much like that used by Microsoft office. The new look UI gives WinZip a streamlined feel in the sense that tit offers an easy access to the wide range of features and configuration options.              `

The upgraded WinZip application now offers the option of burning archived files directly onto a blue-ray disk. However this is available only with the pro version of the program. This allows you to carry out the back up process in one swift procedure using one application. WinZip also has a revolutionary feature called ZipSend cloud service. This cloud service allows you to share a large archive file with others over a public network. This has been made possible due to storage space boost offered on the upgrade. Having introduced the new features it could be possible that soon WinZip won’t have anything more that can be added. It is still possible that later versions will still have something to show. For instance there could be a few tweaks in the applications performance. One thing is definite; the new features on this stalwart of an archiving program are not a disappointment. You can download a free trial copy of the application by visiting the WinZip 16.5 review page.

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