Turn Your Pics Into Great Videos By Using The Bolide Slideshow Creator

Bolide Slideshow Creator

Sharing photos with friends and family is a very interesting to do. One can move such photos to a video slideshow by using a sound track, custom transitions or even a caption. This is made even easier and classy by using the Bolide Slideshow Creator. With this software video slideshow transitions take a considerably short period of time. Anyone can install the program since it is very simple to make an installation. Considering the fact that there are no toolbars to avoid, and no other requirements needed to consider while running the setup, one can easily get a slideshow within the shortest period of time possible.

The interface is not complicated at all. It has a photo library, a timeline, preview window and various transitions among many more features. Users who have encountered a program of this kind previously will enjoy every bit because they will find it straightforward and simple to operate. Importing new images for instance involves dragging them onto the timeline. The results can then be reviewed within a short period of time. Creating transitions in the slideshow is also as simple as dragging the photos onto the timeline. Basically, there are a total of 38 wipes, fades, slides and other features to choose from in the library. Clicking one option will bring out a preview of how the transition will look like on the slideshow. All you need to do is to choose your favorite then drag it onto the timeline. On the other hand, you can choose to use random transition especially when you are in a hurry. The program will automatically pick random transitions and apply them on the photos. The text tab provides various caption options to choose from. With this program, you can easily create zoom and pan option directly on the slideshow. You can then save the slideshow in the most preferred photo.

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