Freehand Painter Is Released To Benefit Painting Enthusiasts

Freehand Painter

An average painting tool has been launched to make it easy in creating pictures. Freehand Painter is an essential tool that gives an array of options ranging from color, brushes, outlines as well as fills.

If you are a panting enthusiast, this is arguably the best choice. Freehand Painter is a simple tool and what the user is required to is launch it and start to draw. You also have the privilege of using your finger if you like. It offers a lot of functionality that can make a painter be more creative. As a matter of fact, you can make tweaks within the shortest time possible. The program is specifically designed for screens that are touch sensitive but users can also make use of the mouse. If you tap on the screen-on screen pallete, you will be able to change colors and also take a new size of brush. Users can hold and drag the selector of the size and they get the most preferred type. Removing an entire stroke is an easy affair through the use of the undo button where you will get all the necessary eraser tools. The lasso tool makes it possible to capture and select individual objects and move them to a different position within the picture.

Freehand Painter does not suit those who are looking for advanced functionality in painting. This is because it does not feature any fill tool or text option. Moreover, there is also no selection of tools or the color picker. The only privilege is the vector drawing. This is a simple app that can be able to keep your kids glued to the computer and entertained. The good news is that the installation process is easy because there are no toolbars or adware required. Above all, the interface is simply admirable and users can be able to apply it within seconds. Freehand painter is good and more features are going to be added.

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