SmartPower Tool For Monitoring The PC Is Launched


SmartPower is a new program that you can install in your system and know when it should sleep and when it needs to be up. Indeed, this is a great way for users to save a lot of energy as well as money.

This acts as a simple tweak to the power options of you PC. The Pc can be set up to shut down automatically incase it is left idle for some time. It all depends on the time the user will set. There re more features that the program has. It also performs CPU checking. If you click the CPU tab, you can be able to set a particular threshold and to the most preferred figure. It is also possible to let the program stay on even when other devices are still working. For instance, if you have a NAS device, this is a good option. This is because it is the last thing that users turn off before going to sleep. The SmartPower program is able to recognize if it is on or off and consequently react.

There are many options of using this program. It can keep your computer on even when another program is requesting system power or display. As usual, there are many processes that users usually want to continue even when the computer needs to be of. Through the use of the processes tab, you can specify the processes that you want uninterrupted even when the system is shut down. Clearly, this is a good way of saving on energy and money. Your PC will only be able to run when it is necessary. Apart from shutting down, the SmartPower is also in a position to wake the system up as you long as you have specified the particular time. The usual windows shutdown inflexibilities will be a thing of the past if you use this tool. It makes it easy for users to take control of their PC.

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