LoopJam For Easy Remixing Of WAV Loops

You can speed up a process of composing your own music using an audio loops application. Yes you can, but it will be difficult to get an exact and precise sound suitable for the created music. To make this possible, simply install LoopJam software tool to remix the available WAV loops. What you need, is to make your an immediate launch of the program and start to play a demonstration sample.  The program is divided into different segments that are displayed in a form of wave. Each segment has different and many effects applied by a click on the grid. The effects are Low-pass, Reverser, High-pass and many others.

The program is designed with other features that allow you to shift the sound effects in a suitable way that does not require you to access complexities of the program that are not very important in the initial stage. By clicking on the “Jam” button, LoopJam will create a customized set of sound effects into it. It will start to play it or you to hear the final mix results. If there is no any change or improvement on sound effects repeat the process to get a different trial. Try as much as possible to fix any error before transferring final loop with a format of WAV file.

The LoopJam program is easy and simple to use. It is entertaining and fun way in using it. However, there are several new version of the program coming up. Try the new version to improve your music sound mix. New features in new version improve the music quality and the final WAV files are clear and clean with sound effects. The latest version is able to keep and load both WAV and MP3 files and ability of supporting beat detection automatically. It also changes the playback speeds.

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  • Tom

    Great app! Love to mess around with loops, an this one really lets you recycle all the old stuff on my HDD. Still there’s room for improvement (support more file formats and different sampling rates) but anyway a nice tool. Congrats!

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