Winyl Music Player Finally Hits The Market

Winyl Music Player

Winyl has been launched as gateway to easy and safe music player. It comes with a simple interface and is just under 3MB. Moreover, the program does not need any add-ons or even browse to function.

It is very tricky to create a great and nice music player; you need to provide many new and different features to make it appealing to most people. Always make sure the music player interface is simple and easy to use. It should give features like lightweight, unobtrusive, and easy adoptive to the user. However, very few music players have all these features in them. Exceptionally, Winyl music player is appealing and much different from any other music player. This program is compatible with most system software and comes with a compact download of about 3MB. It installs in the system very fast without the need to install any add-ons or any extra application in your system.

The program setup is as simple as any straightforward procedure. Once you use this application in your music folder, it allows you to download any album of your choice. Winyl is main interface has a tree that offers you with several options of viewing the music collection. Genres, years, folders, albums, artist and many more options are displayed in the application interface. To start using the program, simply expand the album view by double clicking on your favorite track in which it will start playing immediately. The program shows a pop-up window that comprises album track art with its title appearing in the lower right corner part of the screen. Every title of each song playing is displayed before it fades away.

The program is simple and if you are not familiar with it, you can really wonder what else you can do in it. Use small bars that are provided in the minimized window at the bottom of your screen to manipulate it. They comprises of song volume and the position your song is. You can easily use them to manipulate the volume and the song level. It is easier to reveal 10-band musical equalizer to change the music tone as well as switching the skin viewer to a different one.

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